Wander Station is...

An adventure-inspired stationary brand that crafts unique, fun, and whimsical pieces sure to bring joy in your life.

I stand behind
My core values






1 | Confidence

Inspiring you with the confidence to be imperfect.

2 | Creativity

To encourage curiosity and learning by expressing our content in creative and original ways.

3 | Exploration

To never stop exploring new and unknown places (in the world, or creatively!)

4 | Joy

The vibrant colors are here to stay and add some extra rainbows to your day.

5 | Uniqueness

Embracing and appreciating what makes you, you.

Girl holding a map

Why these 5 core values, you ask?

The thing is,

I am kind of obsessed about how you will go on to discover beautiful ways to express your creativity.

As someone who struggled with perfectionism, I often find myself afraid to display my work online simply because I didn't think they were good enough. It took me years to accept that part of expressing creativity is to express imperfection, and to explore beyond my comfort zone.

I would describe my creative style as a mixture of colors, texture, and timeless simplicity. With every single product I craft, I aspire to bring the joy of adventure and discovery to your life, as they did with mine.

I hope you will find something in this little space that will make your heart race with curiosity. Thank you for stopping by!