Adventure With Miles: You can afford to travel!
Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You find it extremely difficult to afford travel due to all of your other financial commitments.
  • You have compromised on opportunites and experiences during your travel just to keep your costs down.
  • You spend hours scouring the internet for the best travel deals only to find they are still over-budget.
  • And most of all, you dream of the freedom to travel anywhere you want without worrying about the price tag.

I. Totally. Get. It.

Imagine if you could...

  • Travel with more money AND still do all-the-things!
  • Have the freedom to travel whenever you want without waiting for the right deal to show up.
  • Maintain a perfect financial history while earning thousands of points completely free.
  • Have all the formulas and tools at your fingertip whenever you need.
  • Redeem first-class experiences for next to nothing.
  • Save more of your hard-earned money for your other commitments in life.
Here's one of my most recent examples where I booked a vacation to Asia for only $110.

If I were to pay full price on this exact same itinerary, it would've costed me well over $2500!

Adventure With Miles:

And examples like this are just the beginning.

This is exactly why I created Adventure With Miles, my step-by-step masterclass that will teach you how you can afford to travel more by being smart with frequent flyer programs.

In my step-by-step program, Adventure With Miles, I am pulling back the curtains and showing you exactly how I have been able to use frequent flyer programs to my advantage to afford travel. You will learn how I have been able to completely fund all of my flights using miles since 2014, seen and experienced more than I ever have during my travels, all of the while still maintaining a healthy financial life when I am not on the road. I am also sharing how I am able to maintain and grow my mileage balances on autopilot despite using and redeeming my points year-over-year.

The best part? I have done all the research for you and broke down this entire system into bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks. You learn them once, and you can repeat them for a lifetime.

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So what is included in this course, anyway?

By the end of these 6 modules, you will be armed with the strategies, formulas, AND miles to redeem for that dream vacation - stat.

Module 1: Foundation

  • What are frequent flyer programs and how can we take advantage of them
  • Learn the common frequent flyer lingo that travel hackers use

Module 2: Rules, Principles, and Mistakes

  • Understand the princples of travel hacking so you can earn and redeem the smart way
  • The importance of alliances and how they can help you earn faster
  • How do statuses work and why they are beneficial

Module 3: Earning Tactics

  • The 12 ways you can earn miles and points in your everyday
  • Everything you need to know when earning with credit cards
  • How to build your mileage balance without credit cards (yes it is possible!)

Module 4: Redeeming Rewards

  • The logistics behind award redemptions
  • How to maximize your rewards with the least amount of points
  • What to do after redeeming for a reward

Module 5: Advanced Strategies

  • How to accelerate your mileage balance fast
  • How to creatively combine your miles and points to build your dream vacation itinerary

Module 6: Luxury and Elite Experiences

  • How to use your miles for dreamy elite experiences like flying first-class and airport lounges
  • How to score the best hotels and services at your destination for next to nothing
Oh wait, did someone say Bonuses?
You bet. How about $300+ worth of bonuses at that?!
(Only available to students enrolled in the SUPER FLYER PROGRAM - currently not available)

BONUS #1: Your Mileage Cost Calculator ($47 Value)
Use this calculator to figure out whether those bonus points you are earning, and redeeming, are really worth it.
**This calculator comes in Google Doc and Excel format, so that no matter which software you use, you’ll be able to access and use this calculator.
BONUS #2: Round-The-World (RTW) Goal Tracker ($97 Value)
Keep track of your mileage goals and attain that Round-The-World (RTW) trip you have been dreaming up. Build your balance strategically so you know exactly what you need to collect and how you are going to redeem that trip when all is ready. I am providing you the step-by-step instructions on building out your plan, plus fill-in-the-blank templates so all you have to do is select and enter what you want.
BONUS #3: Members-Only Facebook Group ($197 Value)
This private members-only community is a place where you can ask questions, share the latest frequent flyer promotions, and connect with fellow members on all things travel hacking. Plus, you will also get exclusive access to ask me questions on course content, clarifying strategies, and more! (AVAILABLE 2018)
Join to take advantage of a system that is already in place and worked for so many others around the world, that is ready for you to implement.

Are you willing to spend more money on those over-priced flights and continue working your bum off just to barely afford even one trip a year? Or are you ready to save more money AND travel more than ever before?

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Adventure With Miles: Let's get packing!
We can't wait to see you inside the course!

Adventure With Miles is going to be perfect fit for you if...

  • You have a few mileage accounts under your belt and you are looking to finally figure out how it all works.
  • You want the systems that you can implement and use right away with minimal research.
  • You have dabbled in frequent flyer programs in the past but you just weren't earning points fast enough.
  • You would LOVE if you can pursue your lifestyle AND your wanderlust.
  • You are TIRED of missing out on experiences during your vacations just because you didn't have enough money.
If you are not willing to learn the systems and make the effort to implement the strategies, then this course is not for you.

I have designed Adventure With Miles so you can quickly learn all the foundational strategies and principles without spending hours doing the research on your own. However, there is still a level of effort I expect from your end to find out which strategies work best for your lifestyle and do the work to implement them.

This course is targeted for people with busy lifestyles who are looking to take at least one or more international trips a year without having to spend all their travel fund on just flights and hotels. It is not intended for those who are looking to travel full-time, that said, the materials and strategies shared CAN absolutely be scaled to achieve that, but with exponentially more effort not covered in this course.

Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

I completely understand if you are not sure whether this course is right for you. That's why I am giving you an entire month to learn and try these strategies. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results after implementing the strategies, I will happily buy the course back from you.

I am offering this happiness guarantee because I believe so strongly just how the contents of Adventure With Miles can change the way you afford travel forever. That's why I want you to be 100% satisfied in the opportunity to try this course, completely risk-free.

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Questions? I have got you covered.

I am based outside of North America, can I still benefit from this course?
Absolutely. Many of the concepts and systems I teach in this course are foundational knowledge that can be applied to you wherever you are in the world. The only strategies that may differ are the earning opportunities available in your country, as some citizens of certain countries may have more opportunities (ex. in the USA) while others may have a few less. However, I have made conscious efforts to align as many of the strategies as possible so they can be applied wherever you are based in the world.
I can't start the course now, can I start it later?
You definitely can! After you have enrolled today, and the first module will be available to you right away, and the following modules are dripped week-over-week. Since you have lifetime access, you can start on the course materials anytime you'd like and take as long as needed.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime sound? You will receive your course login information to start lesson 1 right away. If you want to reference back on the materials in the future, you can always come back to this course anytime you'd like (even years and years down the line)! As part of the lifetime access, you also get all future course updates completely free - #winning!
Can I sign up anytime?
The course will be open for enrollment until October 8th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. After October 8th, this course will be closed for enrollment until 2018.
Do you offer any refunds?
You bet I do! As part of our 30-Day Happiness Promise, if you have gone through this course in 30 days and isn't satisfied with the results, I will buy the course back from you.