Adventure Planner



Whether you are dreaming of that next adventure or going on one soon, this 7-in-1 printable planner is perfect to keep your travel plans in check! Charmingly designed, comes with packing list + checklists so you will be prepared and ready for the departure day.

These planner sheets are editable/fillable, meaning you can fill them out in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or in your favorite PDF viewer.

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This Fillable *Adventure Planner* from Aspen & Bloom includes:

• Destination Wishlist: The perfect therapy for your wanderlust. Plan your dream destinations, list out why you want to visit them and do a little planning ahead of time! Cure for wanderlust not guaranteed ;)

• Trip At a Glance: Keep track of your trip with this handy-dandy planning sheet. Highlight your trip duration in the calendar on the top left, keep track of all those booking references and transportation (ie. flight, train, boat), expenses as they incur during your trip, and any other details you want to add.

• Trip Itinerary: The fun part. Plan your daily schedule from morning to evening, with room to enter your hotel information and check-in/check-out times. Other ideas to fill the boxes might include weather, money to budget, hours of operations, etc.

• Trip Recap: Let’s not put that trip behind us so fast! Think of this page as a travel journal. List out some of the highlights during your trip, potential places and excursions you’d love to come back to. The expenses section is great to remember how much the trip cost so next time for a similar trip you would know exactly how much to budget. Of course at the bottom, you can then write down your feelings, what the trip had taught you, what you are grateful for… anything!

• Pre-Departure Checklist: Never leave stuff to the last minute again. Start preparing up to a month ahead on some of the important checks that are often missed. Include tasks from 1 month ahead to 1 week, to 1 day, to night before, to day of departure.

• Packing Checklist: Sometimes going by memory to pack can be difficult, more often than not we might miss out on some things we had thought we packed but end up not. This packing checklist is perfect for the average adventurer, whether you are a city trekker or outdoor enthusiast, use this as the perfect accompaniment to help you be 100% prepared for any adventure.

• Contact Directory: Contact information for your emergency contacts, embassy information, other travel-related contacts, and let’s not forget restaurant and excursion contact as well!

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• Size: Letter size (8.5 x 11in)
• Format: Fully Fillable + Printable PDF
• License: Personal use only

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